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Mission Statement

“The mission of the Cinnaminson Township Police Department is to establish and maintain positive relationships with community stakeholders while providing quality public safety services and preserving the highest quality of life for Cinnaminson residents, visitors and business owners predicated upon our core values of tradition, honor and service.”

Officer in Charge Message

As the Officer-In-Charge of the Cinnaminson Police Department, it is my duty to serve the Cinnaminson Community. The men and women of the Cinnaminson Police Department are dedicated to Community Policing. Community Policing is a philosophy that is the core value of what we stand for. It is not about gimmicks or posting on social media. It is about service based upon the needs of the community by providing the highest quality public safety services that the community demands. A police department is only as good as its relationship with community. For the department to succeed, it requires interaction, participation, and involvement from the people we serve.

Community policing promotes organizational strategies that support the systematic use of partnerships and problem-solving techniques to proactively address the immediate conditions that give rise to public safety issues such as crime, social disorder, and fear of crime.

Community policing comprises three key components:

● Community Partnerships: Collaborative partnerships between the law enforcement agency and the individuals and organizations they serve to develop solutions to problems and increase trust in police.

● Organizational Transformation: The alignment of organizational management, structure, personnel, and information systems to support community partnerships and proactive problem solving.

● Problem Solving: The process of engaging in the proactive and systematic examination of identified problems to develop and evaluate effective responses.

Our department has always been one of the most trained and educated in the State of New Jersey, and I will make sure that tradition is carried on. It is part of our culture. Also, part of our culture is the acceptance, inclusion, respect and understanding that we give to everyone.

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