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School Resource Officers


Cinnaminson School Resource Officers

The Cinnaminson Police Department places Class III Law Enforcement Officers in all of our Township schools. This serves as an additional layer of protection for the students, staff, and visitors of our schools. In addition to ensuring a safe environment for the education of our community’s most valuable asset, the school officers are meant to serve as role models and mentors to the children at our schools. School officers participate in lockdown and evacuation drills, routinely check existing security measures, and recommend changes or enhancements to existing security protocols based on their law enforcement experience.

The Cinnaminson Township Police currently employs Class III Special Police Officers who:

● Provide law enforcement and security services to the school, school grounds and areas adjacent to the school.

● Assist school administrators in emergency crisis planning and building security matters.

● Initiate interaction with students in the classroom and general areas of the school building.

● Attend and participate in school functions which may require speaking to large groups of teachers, parents, or students.

● Build working relationships with the school’s staff as well as with student and parent groups.

● Promote the profession of police officer and be a positive role model.

● Increase the visibility and accessibility of police to the school community.

● Assist with vehicle and pedestrian traffic during arrival and dismissal.

● Lead professional development workshop for staff in topics related including, but not limited to school security, student safety, adolescent trends, gang awareness, etc.

● Provide age-appropriate direct student instruction throughout the year on topical matters.

● Work with various district stakeholders as a part of a team to promote a positive and safe school climate.

● Work with counselors and other student support staff to assist students and to provide services to students involved in situations where referrals to service agencies are necessary.

● Provide periodic updates to both school district and law enforcement supervising entities.